our why

ORGANISEHER® is all about giving busy women back their peace of mind by making tools to help them keep their sh*t together & get stuff done.

despite strides in workplace equality, research shows women's domestic workloads have increased. even with equal earnings, the division of time between work & home remains unbalanced. enter ORGANISEHER®, founded in 2023 with the launch of our highly sought-after productivity planner. we're here for the modern woman juggling it all, offering practical, sophisticated solutions to streamline your life.

our vision is for all women to truly “have it all”; for a woman to feel in control of her life, confident within herself & to have enough time for everything that matters to her.

our founder

mihi (te whakatōhea, ngāti kahungunu ki wairoa, ngāti pāhauwera) is a self-proclaimed workaholic & type-a dog mum who is passionate about empowering women. before starting her podcast, EMPOWER with Mihi, she was a burnt out lawyer who crumbled under the demands of a high-stress job that left no room for herself.

& she’s not alone. her experience echoed the sentiments of her close friends - busy women navigating careers, relationships, parenthood, health & households. the solution? ORGANISEHER® - dedicated to extraordinary women balancing it all.

ORGANISEHER® is driven by Mihi's desire to ensure that all women reclaim the time, energy & resources they deserve to invest back into themselves to live well & feel good.